KODAK REELS Film Digitizer | Digital Scanner


Film Digitizer | Digital Scanner
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Upgrade your device's recording time from 28 minutes to 40 minutes!

  • FROM ANTIQUATED TO STATE OF THE ART | Bring Your Old 8mm & Super 8mm Films Into the 21st Century! | The KODAK REELS Digitizer Converts Motion Picture Film Strips Into Digital MP4 Files for Easy Lifetime Viewing | Simply Load Your 3”, 5”, 7”, 8” or 9” Films Onto the Universal Supply Reel & Follow the Easy On-Screen Prompts to Send Footage Directly to SD Card [Not Included]—No Computers or Software Needed
  • FRAME-BY-FRAME DIGITIZING PROCESS | Fully Automated Scanner with 8.08-Megapixel Sensor Captures Images with Exceptional Clarity, Contrast, Detail & Color Accuracy, Resulting in the Best High-Definition 1080p Digital Video Files Possible [No Sound] | Use the Provided Micro USB Cable to Transfer Scans to Computer, Laptop, Smart Television or Other Device for Instant Big-Screen Viewing
  • SUPERSIZED SCREEN WITH TOUCH BUTTONS | Record, Convert & Playback Live Films, Watch Saved SD Card Recordings, Change Settings & Navigate a Variety of Scanning & Editing Options Via the Large 5” Onboard LCD Interface | Oversized Easy-Read Buttons Allow You to Quickly Zoom, Align Frame, Choose Film Type & Adjust Exposure, Sharpness & Tint Without the Need for External Editing Equipment
  • ULTRA COMPACT FOR TRAVEL & STORAGE | Share Vintage Memories Everywhere You Go! | Our Lightweight, Portable 12.4” x 8.4” Film Viewer is Specially Designed for Ease of Transport & Includes All the Accessories You Need to Feed, Record & Save Film with One Convenient Device | Complete Set Includes 7” Empty Film Reel, Gray & Red Reel Adapters, AC/DC Power Cord, Micro USB Cable & Dusting Cloth
  • NOSTALGIC GIFT FOR HOME MOVIE LOVERS | Breathe Fresh Life Into Your Family & Friends’ Dust-Collecting Films with a Thoughtful Present They Won’t Soon Forget! | This Easy-to-Use 8mm/Super 8 Film Converter Makes a Great Gift for Any Occasion Such as Grandparents or Filmmakers Birthday, Milestone Wedding Anniversary, Christmas & Other Holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Retirement & Beyond

Product Description

Turn old films into forever memories. 

Watching 8mm and Super 8 films is more of a chore than a trip down memory lane. But now, you can turn your dusty relics into beautiful ready-to-view MP4 files with a single gadget! The KODAK REELS Film Digitizer provides automated ease, simple navigation, quick adaptability, and an extra-large viewing screen for incredible all-in-one convenience. Not tech savvy? Don’t worry. Just load your old film into the universal reel supply, follow the onscreen prompts, and save decades-old movies on any SD/SDHC card in a matter of minutes. You can even plug directly into your big-screen TV to playback footage and reminisce with a crowd. It’s about time you tell your story to the next generation. Add the REELS 8mm Digitizer by KODAK to your cart today!


Preserve the Past

Experience your home videos in the most impressive quality to date with 1080p resolution, vivid color, stunning contrast, and seamless playback.

Automated Ease

An 8.08-megapixel sensor automatically reads film at 2 frames per second, creating a digital MP4 video without any manual computing required.

High-Definition Imaging

Experience your home videos in the most impressive quality to date with 1080p resolution, vivid color, stunning contrast, and seamless playback.

Portable Styling

Although it accepts reels ranging from 3” to 9”, the unit is relatively lightweight, compact, and convenient to carry and store. Great for family trips and reunions.

Onboard Editing

Ensure optimal results regardless of film condition. Capture mode allows you to zoom, adjust the frame, and fine-tune sharpness, tint, and image exposure.

SD Card Slot

Manage and view saved videos right on the screen. Other menu options include rewind, fast-forward, USB upload, select film type, and more.

From outdated to outstanding

Capture years gone by in breathtaking detail with the REELS Film Digitizer. This automated film converter transforms timeworn 8mm tape into MP4 file format for viewing on all of today’s popular electronics. Whether you’re a professional archivist, nostalgic family man, or storytelling Grandma, there’s no better way to preserve old memories for all time. KODAK’S groundbreaking interface is not only fast and simple to use—but also great

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Tony G.
    It works!!!

    Have tried my own methods and professional scanning in the past with my 8mm movies but was always disappointed with the results. This machine certainly exceeded my expectations, the results are amazing compared to past attempts to digitize these films. A little bit of clean up with some movie editing software and my collection will soon be restored.
    Tip: don't try and use a micro sd card and adaptor to record data, it won't work, you must use a full size sd card.

    Jeremy Papadimitriou
    Worst Customer Service in my Life!

    I ordered a Reels digitizer direct from Kodak instead of Amazon because I felt better about buying something directly from the source. It showed up in a generic box with parts missing. I called customer service to make a complaint. The Customer Service rep said I would need to send a copy of my invoice to the parts department through email and explain what is missing in the email. It felt like I was being made to jump through hoops to get what I paid for. For some reason my email and order number would not generate an invoice for me so the customer service rep was forced into doing her job 😉…it’s not the first time I’ve outsmarted a lazy customer service rep. She then found my order number and confirmed she would in fact do her job but told me I was going to have to call back the next day to make sure that she was in fact shipping me the parts. I have never had worse customer service in all my years on this earth and will never, ever buy another Kodak product in my life and will share my story with anyone who will listen and encourage them to do the same .I can’t believe a supposedly world class organization would have such an incompetent person working in their Customer Service Department! …update still waiting after over 2 weeks! Don’t buy Kodak…ever!