KODAK Schott Glass IR Neutral Density ND1000 Filter 49mm-82mm

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KODAK Schott Glass IR Neutral Density ND1000 Filter 49mm - 82mm

A creative way for your photos to shine

Take an incredibly crafted shot with the KODAK IR Neutral Density ND16 Filter. This filter reduces infrared light, prevents overexposure, improves shallow depth of field, and helps you portray several dramatic effects. This filter also helps to prevent harsh sunlight in your shots. Utilize this filter to blur water, clouds, vehicles, and other objects to express movement like never before.

These durable filters are comprised of a hard-wearing aluminum ring and German Schott glass. The 16-layered coating with infrared protection strengthens the filter surface and prevents water and oil from sticking to it. This filter can safeguard your lens, maintain color integrity, and upgrade your image with a more scenic effect. Experiment with this breathtaking visual effect to capture epic snapshots with quality filters.



Neutral density filter prevents overexposure & express movement

Built-in infrared reduces IR pollution

Durable, multi-coated design

Creates photo-enhancing effect

Multi-threaded design allows multiple filters to be stacked


Package Contains

IR ND1000 lens filter

Microfiber cloth

Storage case

Mini user guide



Photo filter effect type: Neutral density

Lens material: German Schott glass

Frame material: Aluminum

Layers of coating: 16

Nano coating: Yes

Waterproof coating: Yes

Resistance coating: Water, oil

Polished: Yes

Warranty: 10 years