KODAK Instant Cinema 100" Pull Up Projection Screen

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Pull up the screen, pull up a seat.

Beautiful big screen entertainment is accessible anytime, anywhere with the KODAK Portable Projector Screen. This easy all-in-one projection system requires no permanent installation, complex setup, or cumbersome carrying. Just pack your preferred portable projector, grab your screen by the handle, and display content on a stunning supersized 100” flat screen boasting the most vibrant color, contrast, and brightness in the industry. The device’s aluminum alloy cartridge is lightweight, compact, and 100% self-contained, making it ideal for travel from home to office or hotel to conference. Simply pull in an upwards motion and the frame’s auto mechanism swiftly locks the screen into place—wrinkle, rip, and stress free. From movies and marketing to weddings and worship—discover the KODAK difference! Add a Portable Projector Screen to your cart today!

How to Enjoy

  • Pull open the support legs until you hear a click.
  • Open the cover of the support base.
  • Grasp the handle and pull gently upward until the screen locks into place.
  • Create content that audiences will love!